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    The BYND fee rate has gone from 30 % to 168% in a few weeks.
    How high could it go ? It is affecting my options positions.

    It is a broker matter , or who decides that ? What is the reason or the logic for this increase ?

    Also the rebate rate is -165 % so it seems that the lender doesn't benefit from this.

  2. I think TLRY went to 300%. I feel like it's trading like TLRY now. It had a bit of a parabolic move this morning, but didn't have the big drop right off of it like TLRY and LFIN did. Hoping it squeezes to $300 in a day or two like TLRY did. Obviously its valuation is ridiculous at this point. I don't know anybody who eats fake meat on the reg and its value is already half that of Tyson Foods (the largest meat producer in the country).
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    My quoted rate today was 365%, but still was not able to get any. I saw Tlry as high as 550% at its peak. Very little float out there in BYND

    With the rate this high, it makes almost no sense to buy the stock if you want to get long. You are far better off buying the options witch will have much less risk. Today the Jan 100 2021 calls were trading about parity. If you bought these instead of stock, you would have the same upside, but much less risk on the downside.
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    Short interest stands at $814 million, or 5.87 million shares shorted, representing more than 50% of Beyond Meat’s float. Beyond Meat is the sixth-largest short bet in the domestic packaged foods and meat sector, but bears are down $574 million in mark-to-market losses as the shares keep climbing. The stock is up 570% from its May 2 initial-public-offering price of $25.
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  5. That squeeze will be insane... Are there comparable historical situations?
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    Jeff Greenblatt - do a little searching.
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    Down almost 7% premarket....would have been $10 a share in the green if I was able to short yesterday, However my broker had zero shares available!! Go figure.
  8. TLRY in September
  9. I'm saddened by this. Was hoping for a gap up, parabolic squeeze, and drop lol. Maybe yesterday was it. I shorted after it came back to 184 twice, but didn't make much. Buyer stepped in when it went to 165, but it couldn't really stay down.
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    What broker did you use to short yesterday?

    There was no way the stock could just keep's a profitless and being completely hyped
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