The Business of Being Born

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    I just saw the documentary "The Business of Being Born" (you can watch it instantly on Netflix).

    Its interesting how America (compared to all other nations in the industrialized world) spends the most money on birth and has the highest maternal and infant mortality.

    This is a must watch film if you plan on having kids.
  2. "spends the most money on birth and has the highest maternal and infant mortality."

    Costs a lot of money to "birth" a 1 or 2 lb baby yet have her/him die. The stats may be misleading. C- sections are expensive, other countries may have different tort systems, consequently cheaper births. I wonder what the ins liability costs are per birth vs other countries. Medical dollar vs medical dollar may not be a significant difference.
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    Its just exploitation, plain and simple. If you're a doctor, why allow a woman to deliver naturally and be in a position where you have stick around for labor that may last over 10 hours? You can just cut her open, make 10k more money, and be home within an hour.

    Just like going to a car mechanic and being recommended service you don't need.

    Or getting 20 letters from lawyers within days of getting a speeding ticket.

    Or putting your money in actively managed mutual/hedge fund which is really just a skimming operation that exists solely because of survivorship bias and has an almost 0 percent chance of outperforming the S&P over the long run, net all the fees.

    Or credit card companies specifically targeting high credit risk individuals for debt slavery (see "Maxed Out" - also available to watch instantly on Netflix).

    If you are ignorant, your ignorance makes you an "easy target" and people will target you and exploit you to the fullest.
  4. People spend 40 hours a week earning money and about 5 minutes on how they plan to spend it. If they spent 40 hours a week planning their spending as hard as it is to earn the money, the situation may be different. I tell my kids, if you aren't watching your money someone else is.
  5. very well put.
  6. That what I try to drive home to my kids as well as morals, dedication and a good work ethic.

    Don't blow your money!
  7. The people wanted unforgiving capitalism. So they got it.

    Similar note "the future of food" also available to nflx customers on instant browse. Monsanto and the patenting GOM`s (genetically modified organisms). Scary stuff.

    North America is bought and owned. Love or leave it cause you aint changing it.