The Bush Family - An American Dynasty

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    The First Generation

    Americans stood with great pride as George H.W. Bush stared down evil as VP when the US was locked the Cold War between the US and the USSR. The Reagan/Bush team put together the policies and coalitions that would ultimately defeat the Soviet Union and free millions from the bondage of communism. Fast forward a few years and George HW Bush was once again forming coalitions to face evil, when he led the world to stop Hussein's aggression.

    The Second Generation

    George HW Bush had a son who too was elected President and lead America through some of its darkest hours. People throughout the world will always remember George W. Bush standing atop the WTC rubble and speaking to the people through a bullhorn, saying the people who did this, will "hear from all us". It was the moment that America got back on its feet after the attack, and it would not be possible without the leadership of GWB. In response GWB also built coalitions to confront evil. He went after the terrorist in Afghanistan with a united NATO force. GWB also built a coalition of 49 countries to confront Hussein and his state sponsor of terrorism. Great leadership.

    The Third Generation - George P Bush
    Now we have the next generation showing up at the convention this. Notice how the senior Bushes have stepped aside and let the younger generation have their moment to shine. This is quite different from other former Presidents who still think the show is all about them. Job well done 41 and 43. Lets hope the next generation has your leadershp and wisdom to make America great again.

    George Bush is going to the Republican National Convention this year. Not George W Bush, not George HW Bush but George Prescott Bush, the eldest son of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. He is challenging the republican party to once again be a "big tent" party, especially when it comes to reaching out to hispanics.

    As the grandson and nephew of the 41st and 43rd presidents of the United States respectively, George P Bush is the heir to a long political heritage. His father Jeb - the popular former Florida governor - had until recently been considered a possible vice presidential pick for the Romney ticket this fall.

    "In politics it's about timing, and there's also chemistry that's involved. This isn't his time and I think he's at peace with that," George P Bush said of his father. "Of course on a personal level, I'm disappointed, but Governor Romney has some great folks that he can select from."

    Jeb Bush has expressed concerns about the state of the republican party, stating that Ronald Reagan would have a hard time getting the nomination from today's GOP.

    "I would concur with his assessment, I think we have to be mindful of Reagan's ethos of the big tent theory," said George P Bush. "The Republican party in order to be successful has to include people from all backgrounds, namely the Hispanic community."

    Mitt Romney took a tough line on immigration in the republican primaries, but George P Bush says to win over the Hispanic vote, the presumptive nominee needs to focus on the economy.

    "I think he needs to focus on kitchen table issues. That's the economy, solving our unemployment issue and dealing with education reform," explained Bush who's mother, Columba Bush, is Mexican-American. "Immigration of course is an issue - it's an important issue to the community - but first and foremost it's about how do we get back on the right track economically."

    As for his own political future, George P says he has no specific plans. But he says he may eventually run for office.

    "Right now I'm reviewing potential opportunities, and we'll - we'll see where it takes me," he said.

    What advice do the Bush elders have for the up and comer?

    "The advice is always to make a name in your own right. To be a success in your own capacity, to go out and, and figure out your own niche, your specific niche, before going into elective service," said George P, "I've taken that to heart, and I've followed it."
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    Only problem, brother Wild is that this country was formed to not have to deal with a dynasty.

    Second problem is that Little George W. Bush is the worst President in the history of the USA.
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    Time will tell. With the near future death of the democrap party nearly at hand any thing is possible and new conservative leaders will need to emerge.
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    GWB was a great President and leader. His courage uplifted a country that was down and out. Well done W.
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    Worst Presidents for America?
    1) Obama
    2) Carter
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    Well I would have to consider Kennedy on that list. He really planted the seeds for Vietnam and how can we forget the Bay of Pigs invasion. Lets be honest, Kennedy has gotten a free pass.
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    We gonna have to agree to disagree on Little George.
    Please understand that I am a true conservative/libertarian, not a FOX News zombie.
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    Then there was the Cuban Missile Crisis precipitated by Kennedy's weakness with Kruschev. I believe his brother Bobby played a big role in getting us into that mess that got us the closest we have ever been to nuclear war.
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    I may have exaggerated the Kennedy worst President, but he is completely overrated and had quite a few major screw ups during his short stint as President.
  10. Kennedy is as deserving of the praise he gets from historians and the media in the same way that Obama was deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize a few months into his term.

    It's liberal mythology, pure and simple.

    They still rate Reagan as basically mediocre, even though most normal Americans rightly consider him the greatest president of the modern era.
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