The Bus Stop Moms Indicator

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  1. Since I spend most of my time with my children (7 & 4) and typically avoid society at large, I, for the most part, get my information/interaction from electronic means. In the last 2 years, I have been a daily participant in the daily trek to the bus stop with my son. this has provided a window, albeit a small one, on the sheeple here in Pennsyltucky (referring to James Carville's prescient observation that Pennsylvania consists of Philly and Pittsburgh, with Kentucky in between).
    I noticed that, last summer, when the "sub-prime mortgage" crisis became large enough that the term became part of the aforementioned bus stop mom vocabulary. This marked (loosely) the short term bottom at the time.
    although I am certain to be commiting multiple errors in logic, I am reaching the conclusion that the next bottom won't be in until "credit default swap" has made that same transition into bus stop mom lingo.
  2. I have no access to an indicator of this caliber.

    Your continued feedback will be appreciated:D
  3. Absolutely. I debated long and hard regarding my willingness to share, with such a large group, such a powerful tool. Ultimately, I decided to be the ultimate team player, and share the wealth to all.:D
  4. I think it's neat you have the opportunity to participate closely in your children's development. :)

    Don't let the "educated" media cause you to assume that those moms aren't just as smart as the talking heads. Coastal elites are wearing on me.

    I have a similar story. I got pasted very badly being short on Katrina. ES broke about 40-50 pts and then whipped back and forth a day or two without making new lows. My gf went to lunch with her mother and another lady. When my gf came home she said, "we were all very concerned at lunch about the stock market. It's going to crash because of the hurricane damage." Sure enough the market never stopped rallying from that point on....:D

  5. Agreed; will appreciate being kept in the loop. In return, I will try to think of some indicator to which I have access, of which I can keep you informed, to repay in kind.
  6. And what if the Bus Stop Moms start talking about American Idol again? Should we go long or short?
  7. Best decision I ever made was to drop out of the rat race and spend these first 8-10 years with the wee ones. I plan to write a book about it at some point, once I'm done cooking, doing laundry and playing household schedule keeper. Look for it in stores near you, perhaps the year 2020 or so.

    The title is: "You can't always scratch when it itches" (copyright 2006 the nibbler)

    Truth is, after being away from the idiots, I find it quite loathesome to contemplate rejoining them in their collective misery.
  8. Thanks Pabst, I figure that the only mark i can truly leave on this planet is to train two little cantankorous, cynical, critically brilliant mini me's to carry on after I'm gone. the only other thing worth doing is planting a tree. Other than that, its all dust in the wind.

    as far as the intellectual prowess of my bus stop companions........oh, man, I think you may be being too kind...LOL

  9. Very kind of you, good sir, alas, I am just a simple misanthropist, doing his best for humanity. :D

  10. Excellent query sir, I will consult my mathemeticians, and see if we can work this into the algorithm. :) Update to follow.
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