The Burden of Bush...

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  1. Is it just me or are you feeling the same?

    In the last couple of days my dislike for Bush et al has grown by many folds. I don't know quite why but, I am feeling more the pain of the insult to the intelligence that they were together with their propaganda machines like Fox.

    I guess we had grown numb to the disgrace he brought around and now experiencing just a tad of democracy and respect for human in general again has made me feel and see more with interest the depth of the arrogant heavy handedness that the government of Bush inflicted upon us.

    The other thing I noticed and don't know if you saw it too or not? Was his walk to the tribune area during the inauguration! It just reminded me of a victim who was walking up to his death chamber!!!! It was the first time I had seen him totally lose his phony, arrogant disconnected self confidence?

    Also I saw Bush Senor a little humble and embarrassed! Poor guy, he can't wait to get Jeb into the white house to reinstate some of the lost family honor.

    I guess, it's thank you Obama for now for helping us regain our lost identity.
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    Agree about Bush being a TOTAL TURD and inflicting great harm on America to push his own personal agenda.

    Disagree about NObama... he'll be different but has the potential to inflict even greater harm on the country (hard to imagine, I know).

    NObama's swing toward greater Socialism will accelerate the decline of America... and it has the potential to be even worse than that.
  3. The extent of the damage Bush 43 has done to this nation has only begun to reveal itself, and will become increasingly obvious with each passing day.

    He is delusional to think, for even a passing second, that history will soften its view of him, or the havoc he wreaked on this nation.

    Good riddance, but way too late for us and the generations to follow....a complete disaster, both nationally and internationally.

  4. Bush saved iraq, he will be remembered as a great president (especially in iraq) after the next 20 years
  5. I wonder if there is much anyone or any school of thoughts could do to bring along a softer landing?

    IMHO, the only way out of the Bush mess will appear after a deep erosion of the RE values. Until then the consequences will have to be dealt with.

    The recent 2+ decades of extravaganzas need to be wiped out and the RE values drop to the early 80's levels to provide a base for a sound economy again.

    I agree that Obama is unfortunately going to print Bills too...:(
  6. With all due respect for your opinion but Bush went into Iraq under the 911 Flag/Excuse and consequently he Got MORE Americans killed than the 911 itself! On top of that he killed 2 Million Iraqis.

    Iraqis would have loved him, had he removed Sadam orderly and peacefully and this was QUITE possible but Bush/Cheney personal agenda did not allow it!!!!!
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    exactly. better forgett Bush jr. as fast as u can....
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    land of the free and home of the brave...
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    Gnome and BuyLoSellHi are right on!
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    Try and tell that to the thousands of innocent Iraqi family members killed!

    Bush is at best a shmuck by ignorance!
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