The bulls are coming soon

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  1. Italy's infection rate is slowing. Same for Spain.

    Italy has shown that the virus can at least be mostly contained to a single part of the country. It has not, and will not, spread to southern Italy like it did up north.

    Same for USA. Now that lockdown measures have begun, I don't believe there will be any new epicenters like NYC.
  2. Good analysis
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    You're just a month late.
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  4. S&P March 6th, 2020 = 3015.50
    S&P April 6th, 2020 = 2573.25

    Lost 15% past month
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    Wrong, it will spread to the south, even if completely irradicated, they'll have to be open for travel sooner or later, then someone will fly it in and boom off you go again, everyone will get, there just creating 2nd wave down the line, although 1/2 of south likely already have so won't be that bad.

    Spain yes, very good numbers :)

    UK admissions are light aswell, no where near ICU capacity the extra 16,000 ICU beds that are nearly setup, look to be a waste of time :)

    USA that's going to suck for another 6-8weeks in total.
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    I don't use terms like Bull/Bear or overbought/oversold, for me best to trade price and have no opinions as risk management was tested based on no opinions. Of course have opinions outside of trading, but those are often wrong.

    From what I have read through the years, people at some point hear we getting less infected and people do not like being cooped up insides, so they start getting out in public and then new waves of infections, this goes on for awhile.

    Virus I think will eventually show less percentages of death less than Flu's, but would have been much worse if not for lockdowns as USA has done.

    There will always be people faulting others for not doing something fast enough but they are same one's who cry about individual freedoms.
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    The public won't care about 'the second wave'. Panic is over.
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    Exactly, bitch back up 6 ft, wear the mask and go to work. That’s the next wave.

    Holding on is like riding the bull at the rodeo,,, farmer you should know about that.
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    Just wait until the weather starts getting a bit warmer and restless Americans start feeling the summer itch and break the social-distancing rules. When July 4th comes around, Trump will be all like, "That's it folks, let's celebrate!" In a short two months after that, when it starts getting colder again, we'll have our mutations, just like the Flu every year, but because it is Covid, they'll call it Covid-20 and the cycle will start anew.

    And every year now, because the media has totally saturated the world with how bad COVID is, we'll never get out of the cycle of ups and downs for this thing, until we have a vaccine that works.

    I am reckoning' that we won't see VIX back down to 12 for quite a long time. Years?
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    There's so much similarity between the stock market and the Covid-19: There are way too many useless predictions. I can already see everyone clamoring in unison "I told you so, you SOBs!" :finger:
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