the BULL, the BEAR, and the BEAST.

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  1. The motivation?

    The vehicle? Emini SP 500 contract.

    The method? 90 minute opening range breakout. Discretion and volatility adjusted.

    Miscellaneous Maximum of 1 call per day. Official exit is at EOD but discretion can be used to protect profits if greater than 6.66 ES points. Stops will be given at entry.

    Please NO :mad: and NO :confused:

    If you vote b4 you see 6.66 calls made, I will make a fool of you.

    But thats expected.
  2. short 989.5
    stop 998
  3. i meant stop @ 998
  4. Nice trade. I personally use a similar strategy but on a shorter time frame.

    Good luck with your quest and please continue to post as much details of your method as well your thought processes behind it.
  5. Option four has 66.6% of the votes as of now.
  6. todays trade, covered @ close brought in 8.5 points after deducting slippage and commissions.
  7. Exiting MOC is probably the most logical way to go.

  8. as far as method... I Volatility Adjust the 90 minute opening range as well as quantifying. Sometimes the Volatility Adjustment will get me long or short b4 the breakout. And sometimes it will keep me out of the market even if there is a breakout. I take, on average, 3 trades a week.
  9. Interesting ... I'll follow this thread for a bit. :cool:
  10. what happened to the fifth beast?
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