The BTFD System

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by Joe Doaks, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. Attached is the rip-roaring bull market edition of my new BTFD system as applied to GLD. The "buy" line is in green. My investment in time and pain to develop BTFD would astound you, so don't even ask for the code. It is not for sale at any price unless the price is right. It uses four SLOCs. And I am pricing it at ten grand per SLOC, per instrument, as it must be tuned sagaciously with great expenditure of effort. As you can see from the blue position line, I trade my own foolishness.
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  2. Samsara


    Very interesting. I can tell by the look of its reactivity that the logic must be fairly specialized. I don't see the relationship between the indicator and your entry price.

    Also, very different from my entry approach. I wish I could put together something with that degree of entry precision -- it would make individual trades more comfortable.

    Hats off to you if it tests well!
  3. The entry price is the average of two buys, neither of which used the system, because I just unvented it an hour ago. It is a disquantification of the untuitive method I have used to buy physical the past ten years. Test? Only pussies back test! Real men forward test!
  4. Samsara


    Ah gotcha.

    An hour ago -- well done. Lube up that margin and fire away! Looks Although those two spots where price touched the indicator are spot on.

    I imagine you'll have to have another method to identify trending issues first or else the fucking dip will chop you in broadening patterns.

    Why not trade the futures contract and roll positions instead of beating yourself up with a gappy instrument like GLD?

    Edit: nevermind -- you said you're buying the physical, not speculating on price fluctuations.
  5. You are quite right. Attached is the full analytical pane. I bought 20 GLD just for fun to make me watch how it behaves. Maybe for faster in-and-out if I need to.
  6. As another example of the efficacy of my BTFD system, consider the attachment where I have tuned my subtle and complex algorithm to another of my favorite issues, AMLP.
  7. Looks like a variation on a chandelier exit, but used for entry?
  8. Hadn't heard of that before, thanks for the reference. Of about twenty markets or instruments that I watch I haven't found many that BTFD works for. Right now $NDX is following it. Probably just a random freak.