The broker of my dreams

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Avatar, Jul 25, 2003.

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    Here's what i think a broker should have, if i forget anything or repeated my self, please, feel free to comment on it
    1- 100% autotrading capabilities
    2- excellent liquidity
    3- user friendly platform
    4- no requotes
    5- no "removed order" windows popping out
    6- tight spread, 2-4 pips on majors is fine
    7- excellent customer service, tech support, etc
    8- real time quotes (no price manipulation)
    10- 100%reliability on funds safety
    11- absolutely no problems with withdrawals
    12- state-of-the-art charting system
    13- trade off charts thingy
    14- independant trades (no FIFO)
    15- total transparency regarding modus operandi
    16- intraday currencies studies, entry, close signals service
    17- news feed
    18- constant contact with the broker
    19- no stop chasing or stuff like that

    this is my opinion.
  2. We'll have to wait for that broker to come around...does anyone even come close?
  3. which lala land are you dozing in!
  4. The Brooklyn Republic
  5. nkhoi


    if you found the guy, are you going to marry him :D
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    to quote once more " Are you talking to me?"
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    probably i would, who knows, now that homosexual marriage is legal.... :D