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  1. I have never met the Brights, but it seems like I know them quite well. To foster my trading ideas I have read a lot of what the Bright's have written and actually have designed some fairly profitable trading systems inspired by them.

    One would think that once you design a trading system that you are done and can rest and relax, that however hasn't been by style. I'm always looking for new ideas on how to stay ahead of the market?

    I am thinking about the Bright Trading boot camp. Even though I have no intention to ever become a discretionary trader, I believe that going through the boot camp might help me out in terms of coming up with strategies to beat markets. I was wondering from those who have gone through the Bright boot camp what they thought?

    Is it just the basics? Would it help someone who's already profitale?
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    Here is what was offered in the bootcamp as far as strategies (this was as of about a year ago).

    1) Opening orders-some make this work, some don't. You can see the evidence on Don's opening orders thread.

    2) Pairs-some make this work, some don't.

    Other than that, you'll learn how to operate the Redi platform, put together a business plan and pay .01 to .0125 per share plus a desk fee to trade during the period.

    If these are things you need to learn and want to pay a tuition plus room, board, travel expenses, a desk fee and .01 per share, then this might be for you.
  3. All you have to do is ask, here is a copy of our instructor outline.

    The class varies a lot ( really a lot), based on market conditions. This last class saw the vIX go from 12 to 29, LOL.

    I'll leave this up for a couple of days if anyone is interested.

    We do our best to lead by example, and we now have special sessions with the people from PairCo included. More algo stuff is being covered as well.

  4. I just wanted to comment on this particular point. We never stop learning and adapting. (this may be of interest:

    My brother spends, at minimum, 20 hours per week (off market hours), with other family members doing research and tweaking our various programs and trading methods. There are techniques that work, and "systems" that work for a while, but whatever your style, constant work is required.

    I have people who have learned the opening strategy who make $500K+ per year, not just because the strategy works, but because they worked really hard developing their approach to it.

    Our training helps with the "what" is being done currently, and how to initiate the "how" you're going to adapt to various methods. There is no dictating or demanding, we just try to lead by example.


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