The breakdown of Democracy

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    Now Indiana democrats in the state assembly will not show up to vote on a bill limiting public sector unions, similar to what happened in Wisconsin. They're doing this because they anticipate that they cannot win.

    When one side simply will not show up to debate or vote on a bill it is a clear sign that the democratic process is breaking down.

    Republicans will probably start doing the same thing and it is wrong. They'll do it when they anticipate that they cannot win.

    Politicians on both sides who refuse to participate in the process when it isn't going their way should be subject to criminal penalties and removal from their elected positions. I'm not talking about some slow recall process but immediate arrest and removal. It has to stop.
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    Max E.

    We need Newt to "snuff" the competition out. :D

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  4. I haven't picked a side nor an opinion on who's right but I don't see this breakdown as a bad thing. The wrench in the works will affect the status quo. Indecision is the birth of failure, point being, people are doing something whether legal or illegal, new laws will be made, political retribution won't be far behind.I say go for it.
  5. Well said!
  6. +1 The founding fathers would be considered radical terrorists, in today's world.
  7. Imagine Alaska deciding to be it's own country, to put that in perspective.
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    I think this is a dangerous trend. It is essentially a breakdown of of government. It is important that the people remove these people from office as soon as possible and/or pass laws or constitutional amendments preventing such actions or making them moot.
  9. Yessiree, rule of Law, till the Law does not go your way:D :D :D
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    You mean, remove the moneyed interests that have gotten themselves undeserved influence in government, and are on the verge of winning legislation that makes law a belief that is refuted by actual observation, you mean those people?
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