The Break & Reverse OR the Break & Retest

Discussion in 'Trading' started by antincedo, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. this a thread on how to play this little price action jewels. the break and retest seems pretty obvious, play the bar setup after the retest.

    but what about the very popular break and reverse? seems to be all the rage now adays. how do you play it?

    pa masters are welcome
  2. rc5781


    i like the retrace of the reversal of the strong move (and i'm not even kidding...)
  3. so after it breaks and reverses you wait for the next retracement.

    what about this continuing bounce off of this TL

    (also entry on that last retracement wouldn't have been a good one)
  4. rc5781


    i think right this moment is a good short, but i've already made a really good trade today so i'm biased to not trade...