The bravest army ever!

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    If you are talking about the Israeli army you are right. They never know who those low life coward Islamic terrorists are going to strap explosives to next... women, children, etc.,... Then make 'em walk right in the middle of a bunch of soldiers or just any non-terrorist crowd of people that happens to be around...Ain't that right, sameeh?!... :( :( :(
  3. Hi rcn,

    I hear you brother! In the same exact way, Nazis thought that every Jew is a threat.


  4. Tut. tut.. Didn't you read the forum rules? First one to mention "Nazi" loses.
  5. PESHAWAR, Pakistan (AFP) – The Taliban blew up a girls' school in Pakistan's Khyber district, where troops are fighting against militants in the tribal region bordering Afghanistan, an official said Wednesday.

    Nuff said!
  6. Hi Captain,

    What a racist logic you have my friend. It is like me saying that any crime against Christians is justified after watching the crimes committed by Christian nuns in Rwanda, including the participation of mass killing of thousands of men women and children...IN CHURCHES.

    In Case you did not notice, Palestine is not Pakistan. I know, for a guy like you, the spelling might be confusing.


  7. West Bank, December 22, 2009 (Pal Telegraph) - She is the vision of innocence, peering up into the dull eyes of a soldier towering over her. She can only be four or five years old. Black slacks with a green striped short skirt fanning out beneath her short black jacket indicate that she is a kindergarten student. She strains to hand the backpack, which is half her length, up to the soldier who orders her to stop. He systematically opens every zipper and plunges his hands into each pocket before handing the backpack back. It slumps to the ground.

    The little girl carefully closes the zippers and with considerable effort slings the backpack onto her back; the young soldier, who has moved on to the next search, has already forgotten her. She stumbles as she hurries to catch up with her friends. This encounter is a significant part of her education under the Israeli occupying power, which seeks to clip her fragile wings.

    I feel helpless, angry and sad all at once. What can I do? I observe, I document, I report but it is not enough, it is never enough to change significantly the severity of the occupation, let alone to end it. I rationalize that what I do is part of a larger struggle but this answer is never completely satisfying.

    My angel at Qitoun Checkpoint is still dehumanized as an enemy, invisible to international geopolitics, despite my feeble efforts. All I cando isreflect, pray and enter into the suffering God must experience when he sees what is done in his name for the sake of Israeli settlers in Hebron.

  8. The Palestinians army is the most cowardly on the planet. They brainwash their children (soldiers) to blow themselves up along with innocent people.
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    Pop Sickle,

    Palestinans have no army. Can you imagine even the smallest army that does not have at least one tank or one airplane?

    They are just civilians equipped with 40 year old kalashnikovs, home made rockets and stones. These brave people, although so miserably equipped, boldly fight against ashkenazi invaders who are equipped with: tanks, airplanes, white phosphorus, professional military rockets.

    The world should salute Palestinian's bravery, just as once the world saluted the bravery of ashkenazi Jews fighting in the Warsaw ghetto against Nazis.

    If you have two standing armies against each other you would expect a similar death toll at each side.

    When you have a professional army (IDF) fighting low-equipped civilians (Palestinians) the death ratio is far from 1:1.
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