The brave and heroic muslim freedom fighters

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  1. It's called guerrilla warfare and it is equivalent to what the Vietcong were doing a few decades ago.

    It worked then, why wouldn't it work now?

    If you were one of them, I think you would adopt similar tactics. This is about being smarter than the opponent. Hiding amongst civilians is the smartest thing to do, Hezbollah are aware of ther enemy's weakness : Israel is losing international support by bombing civilians. Negotiation with Hezbollah and Iran is the only way out of this crisis.

    Future wars will be fought (and are already being fought) against non-conventional armies. We the west will have to adapt if we want to avoid wasting money and time, and ultimately lose these wars.
  2. I agree but the UN and other world leaders and people should stop bitching when innocent life is lost if those are the tactics they adopt.

  3. I agree but the UN and other world leaders and people should stop bitching when innocent life is lost if those are the tactics they adopt.

    So the UN should come out and say "Good Job blowing up those children."

    "Collateral damage is good!"

    "Hezbollah's wrongs make whatever the anti-Hezbollah's side does right!"
  4. That's of course assuming that Israel gives a damn about international support that it never gets anyway no matter what happens or the opinions of the UN and Kofi Annan, Jacque Chirac and self-righteous, hypocritical, anti-semitic europeans. I sincerely hope Israel is smarter than that.

    PS Israel is not bombing civilians, Hezbollah militants hide behind civilians.
  5. No, they should pin the blame where the blame belongs, on Hezbollah.

  6. How about they don't listen to folks like you who play judge, jury, and executioner...

    And have a fair trial with an impartial jury to examine all the evidence...

  7. You're right, maybe they don't give a damn. But I suspect they do. They're isolated enough geographically. Being isolated on the international scene as well sounds like a bad idea.

    I'm sorry but whatever way you look at it, civilians are being killed by Israel bombs, unless what I saw on the news were not corpses but rubber dolls. I agree that Hezbollah is probably using civilians as human shields, but that does not justify bombing the crap out of these houses. When Nazis suspected resistants were hiding in a village, they applied the same logic and executed the whole village.

    Democracy has weaknesses. One of them is the neccessity to follow rules when at war, even (and especially) when the enemy is not following the same rules. The French+British have learnt the lesson during their fights against decolonisation. The US is learning the lesson and closing Guantanamo.

    A few years ago, I heard that a few senior fighter pilots of the Israeli air forces had refused to bomb Palestinian leaders when they were surrounded by people? I imagine they have had to change their opinions or quit.
  8. As soon as Hezbollah is indicted for war crimes I'll agree. I'd even settle for a rebuke by the UN but god knows that's not going to happen.
  9. Let's indict them both for crimes, let's have a trial with all the evidence put before impartial jurors...

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