The boy who cried wolf...

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  1. "Business as usual" FRE, govn take over within 5 days.

    "busniess as usual" FNM, Look above.

    "we are very VERY well capitilized" BSC, forced undertaken a few days later.

    "we're in better position now than we were last year this time"
    Leh, bankruptcy within 2 weeks.

    "our stock is realy worth 56 dollars a share" RDN, when their stock was trading 17 dollars a share, today less than 10.

    "we are very well capitilized and can easily survive this crisis"
    AIG, earnings conference call.... Today, at 5 dollars thanks to taxpayers (or would be 0).

    There are alot more where this came from. Alot more. The point is every single CEO says the exact same thing right before going under. Ok so we cant trust them...

    But the issue here is the ones that ARE ok and are saying these thing are also getting run on... because the public has lost faith.
  2. May I add this one? Possible or no? :D

    MCO - Sept 18

    Moody’s Corporation CFO: Our balance sheet and capital position remain strong - conf comments
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