The Boy who came back from Heaven.

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  1. Very interesting, I heard his Dad speak on a Christian Radio network. Amoung the more interesting things;
    he said Jesus let him see his horse, & favorite thing was his heavenly homework.

    Book is titled same as my thread;
    not a bookseller, havent read that book yet, but reading book reviews.

    Cool, a cool trend,LOL:D
    I may not revisit any thread for 20 or 50 days....................................................................................
  2. and you believe it? why exactly. do you have no critical thinking skills?
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    Free T;
    I like your nickname-Cool.

    Same reason i do NOT believe in global warming--''discernment''.;
    a champion Chicago trader said ''I discerned truth in his voice''

    I have read /researched[many] medical science confirmed death experiences, like this;
    ye shall know the truth & the truth shall make thee free:cool:

    Same scriptural patterns;
    when thier spirit] leave s thier body, they can travel [float thru walls...........................]
    Believe it or not, also, if you ever studied Al Einsteins therory;
    not only is time not a constant, [as experienced option traders know], you can travel so fast, time changes into eternity.

    Some Christians do believe in global warming[now they changed the name to ''climate change,LOL:D ];
    but with all due respect i think its wrong thinking.
  4. no you havent because there are no "medical science confirmed death experiences".

    this may be too difficult for you to grasp but think about it. why are near death experiences about religion always always the god that the person happens to believe in? in other words why are muslim reported near death experiences always related to the muslim religion and christian near death experiences always related to the christian religion?
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    Free T;
    I have another [2]muslim questions??
    A ]Why are many muzzies so mean:D
    Z] Why do more & more muslims convert to Christianity[perhaps most are telling the truth, cause its a capital offense in many muz countrys to convert to Christianity], because they say Jesus appeared them in a dream???
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    Murry, might I suggest putting FT on your ignore list as many of us have done long ago.
  7. thats probably a good idea for those without the ability to think. i dont have much patience for those who cant think rationally and are proud of it.
    i have been extremely patient with murry because i suspect all is not well upstairs.
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    Free Thinker, I don't recall, but are you mostly left or right?
  9. why do so many christians convert to islam if once you find jezus you have found true religion? once again. think.
  10. i am independent,skeptical of all.
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