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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Gordon Gekko, Jun 17, 2002.

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  1. i saw this movie tonight and some things are bugging me.


    near the end, the main cia guy is walking down a street alone. a guy gets out of a car with a silencer on his gun and kills him. why??? i'm assuming the other cia guy with the gray hair had him killed..but why? also, at the end they showed the gray haired guy talking in a meeting. what was the point of that?
  2. The older, gray haired guy was the "senator type" who really wanted the whole thing to come to an end....and he didn't like being pushed around his CIA underling. So he sent his own man to finish off the last guy....

    That's how I read it!!

  3. LelandC


    I haven't seen the movie yet but I heard on TV that it is part of a trilogy. Maybe that has something to do with it?

  4. janko


    i think don got it right, teh senator guy needed an end to it and as usual someone had to take the heat for a screwed up mission, when they killed that other leader guy that matt damon was supposed to kill on the boat. that was a big problem and i guess the senator had to blame it on someone and he couldnt have that cia dude to be able to cause more problems than he already had. just my read on it.
  5. cookpr


    Don got it 100% correct......

    Then the reason they show him in a meeting is to show how quickly things are fogotten (i.e, the program failed and its time for the next project)

    I thought it was a good flick and was surprised to see how well Matt Damon pulled off the espionage role......

    Would certainly pay to go see the sequel.............
  6. i liked how all the fight scenes were no contest...matt damon wasted everybody bad. lol and how about that part when the guy that came through the window just got up and ran off the balcony! lol he didn't even jump or anything.....just ran right into the railing and fell over the
  7. cookpr


    Yeah, the fight scenes were rather stacked in Damon's favor, but oh well, I am sure he brings the heat being 5'9 and a buck-seventy?!?!

    When that guy ran out the window, that was probably a metaphor for what all of us should be doing at the end of each trading day.....:eek:
  8. After a tough day, u guys made me laugh my ass off

    Yeah Matt Damon is the real bomb, I think Ben and Matt have a contest on who can play the most spy roles. Real hero's the two of them

  9. come on guys no interest in Franka Potente. . ??

    I'm getting a little worried with all this talk about Matt Damon!!

    Did anyone see her in: The Princess and the Warrior??
  10. i wouldn't mind having some fun with her.
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