The Bounce Is Over - Romney Takes The Lead

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Sep 13, 2012.

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  2. I wish i had a job on tv that paid a couple million a year to tell the country how obama is in the lead and romney is blowing it.

    what an amazing way to make a ton of easy money.

    only in america. :cool:
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  4. 75% chance healthcare law would be found unconstitutional, now get that bullshit out of my face.
  5. There you go again Brass, those darn facts again. Intrade changes daily, so almost immediate gratification.
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  7. Sure, the biggest upset in history, for something that had nothing to do with the Presidential election. Go ahead and hang your hat on that talking point.
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    Intrade looks rather worthless for prediction in this instance.
  9. Obama at 63.5% on intrade is just unreal...but many betting houses that are taking bets on the election are also weighing heavily in favor of Obama.

    One of them that I saw gave decimal odds of Obama 1.5++, Romney 3.0++. That is to say, if you bet $100 on Romney to win, you get $300 back.
  10. Considering what an Odumbo re-election would mean... says a lot about how far down into the Socialist/Communist abyss, muck, greedy, laziness filth the American electorate has sunk.

    Not saying I'd be looking forward to a Romney win... but an Odumbo win would be catastrophic, with no hope of recovery. (Damaging as he has been, he hasn't done his worst yet... saving that until he has "nothing left to lose". Like he was caught on an open mic speaking softly to Medvedev, "Tell Putin I'll have more flexibility after the election"..)

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