The "Bottoming Process"

Discussion in 'Trading' started by chaosclarity, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. The few investors who do not believe Obama or Bernanke are the contrarians, who fervently strive to understand greed, fear, valuation, and history and do not buy into all the hype and obnoxious lies that mainstream investors eagerly lap up like famished kittens.

    Only a relatively small number of contrarian investors truly seek to understand the markets while the rest of the investors are trapped inside, by their own choice, and have no hope of escape, blinded by their own delusions.

    I can say with confidence that we have now entered the "bottoming process". I believe the markets will be higher in December then they are today.
  2. no chance we are bottoming out now- i call shenanigans
  3. The majority of investors are bullish generally speaking, and going with the printing press because there is no other way.. The fed and it's open market operations just become the largest speculators in the market.. In turn creating the biggest bubbles and crashes.. They then turn around and say its a "free" market phenomenon and employ more economic controls..