The Bottom: November 12, 2008. 2:06PM. NDX at 1177.

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  1. In real-time: November 12, 2008. 2:06PM. NDX at 1176, is the Bottom area.

    White candles have been administered to the bears.


    Who is on the long side?
  2. Are the candles vanilla-scented? :)
  3. :p

    Bears paid for their candles, so I do not know. If the market's turn is for good, I would guess that the good scent will soon be consumed by the other scent, if not already consumed as bears seem to pray that NDX 1185 will serve as resistance and a stoppage of pain they may have started feeling from candles' advance!

  4. Now that I have cashed in my short, you may proceed long. :D
  5. LOL!

    You may want to join the small team of long doctors, but make sure to ask the bear whether (as Nazzdaq once wrote) "he brought and plans to wear his knee pads", as the exercise may turn painful.

  6. I have no such plans. I do not catch falling knives.
  7. That is wise advice for sure, except when the knive is on a solid floor. Of course, a floor may turn to be the beginning of a chute. So I understand your decision to wait to board the shuttle only when it is rising in the skies of the florida cape! :)
  9. How's that working for ya?

    Oh wait, I see you phrased it bottom "area". You have room to breath.

  10. TGregg


    Cannabis scented. :D
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