The bottom is in...

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  1. Looks like the bottom is in and its all up sailing from here...
  2. Yer dun haav two thenk mie...

  3. That looks more like an inverse head and shoulders to me. Either way it tells the same story
  4. What a waste of bandwidth. Rhetorical question: How much effort does it take to call a "bottom" of undefined duration after a nearly 30 point day on ES (peak to trough)?
  5. Yep. Probably as much effort it takes for him to forget he made the call once we hit fresh lows :)
  6. "New Post 08-27-10 08:31 PM

    Looks like the bottom is in and its all up sailing from here..."

    My question is about the TIME shown for initiation of this post (and others).
    What time zone could this possibly be? Or is there some internal clock in my computer that is screwed up? When I log into TWS in my IB account my computer clock agrees exactly with IB's.
  7. If you've set the time-zone to you local time, then that would be the approximate time of the start of this thread. Your Account -> Edit Options -> Date and Time Options.
  8. I don't mean to ruin anyone's party, but check this out:


    We may gap down Monday !! [​IMG]
  9. GL with that, but we're going to 72 minimum on Monday.
  10. 72 on SPY ? [​IMG]
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