The bottom is in...this time its for real

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  1. The futures are surging

    Dow 8,783.00 56.00 0.64
    S&P 500 906.10 6.00 0.67
    NASDAQ 100 1,218.00 5.50 0.45

    All overseas markets had mega rallies. This mental recession and fake credit crunch is almost over. Time 2 buy tech.

    Glad I didnt sell anything.
  2. cvds16


    we close way lower then we ended 2008 today, just wait and see ...
  3. No one cares about the madoff, no one cares about the jobless claims, no one cares about unemployment. No one cares about retail sales. None of those things are a big deal at all when you put it in perspective.
  4. JCVR


    Ever heard of a bear market rally?
  5. He's never even heard of bear market :D

  6. Don't you fell stupid always being wrong? You have to be the most useless person on this forum.

    I urge anyone new to do a search under this idiot to see for your self how he says the same thing every time there is any sort of rally. He said the same thing all thru 2008, a complete shill.
  7. GTS


    stock_trad3r has to be the most consistent loser in the history of ET.
  8. Well noone cares about you yet you're still around.

    Let's put it in perspective:

    Maybe you're running for the title of Biggest Retard in Elitetrader history.

  9. What you do here is criminal, it's just wrong. You pop up on every rally and declare the same thing over and over. You have to be the biggest crook on this forum. You’re dishonest,…. you’re right down there with all the wall street crooks.
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