The boom that wasn't

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  1. “Don’t make friends with an angry man, and don’t be a companion of a hot-tempered man, or you will learn his ways and entangle yourself in a snare.”
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    why don't you post a link of how many "jobs" Klinton create via Y2K and Dot.coms scam?
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    Well that tears it, one guy has a negative outlook for '06. Time to fold the hand and hunker down, no more economic activity for this guy!! I'm packing it in right now, not going to be one of those dummies that keeps on going, not ole Max.
  4. I added the Gross article as a possibility where the economy could be headed and also as a reference later on.
  5. Gross has a large interest in keeping fear at a sustainable level. The economy is always horrible if you are a bond salesman.

    He runs a nearly $500 billion bond fund management firm.

    People run to bonds in fear. The irony of doing the wrong thing at the wrong time usually escapes them. But Gross makes them feel good about their move to bonds with his cute 70's California dreamin' style of writing.

    Gross has been negative on the US for years now. For him, being negative is profitable.

    PIMCO's TIPS are a clever but expensive inflation hedge, especially since energy inflation pass through to the core rate has been modest.

    Aside from that, he's just another bloke flogging bonds who's been wrong in his negative writings about the U.S. economy, hasn't he?

    Good Trading and God bless.

    W. B. Busin
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    I agree with you that Gross runs huge amounts of bonds, I also agree that a bad economy is good for bonds. However Gross has the ability and knowledge to adjust his portfolio to which ever way the economy is moving. As a long time reader of his writtings his information and insight for seeing the big picture has and been dead on. As far as core inflation remaining modest please advise me where you shop for food, because it isn't where I do.
    Erich S
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