the books written(?) by "jack hershey"

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    there is a user here on ET who calls himself "jack hershey".

    he claims he has written more than 30 books.

    my questions to all ET-members:

    - who has seen this books - or at least some of them?

    - what are their titles and ISBN-numbers?

    - where are those books available?

    thanks a lot.
  2. This is an old discussion here at ET.

    Actually, it was a heated nasty debate that went on for several pages within another thread where there were tons of arguments about other things.

    Anyways, I do remember a few of the books, ISBN info were disclosed and verified.

    However, I don't know if +30 books have been verified. :confused:

    Also, its possible that they were not all trading related.

    Why not just send him a private message to prevent the same public debates or arguments???

    Also, you've been here since 2001, you didn't see those threads (very active at the time) when this was being discussed before.

    I mean, the threads were like getting the most view, very controversial et cetera...they were like consuming ET.

    How could you have missed them?

  3. Listening to him is like reading 30 books... and the associated headache that goes with it
  4. Atlantic


    i was starting a new thread because i wanted to know NOW if there are any members who know those books - and not just one or two - up to 30.

    why should this be a nasty debate? somebody makes a claim - then he has to deliver the facts - end of the story.
  5. isn't he Grob109?
  6. Actually, if you read many of his posts...

    You'll quickly learn that when someone ask him a specific question without any antagonisitic commentary, without challenging him...

    He does reply with an answer in short sentences.

    I've seen such many times although obviously not enough.

    However, he does have a good memory and once someone rubs him the wrong way...

    His replies to that person may seem like a puzzle to read to someone different reading the reply.

    Yet, there are a few that easily understand him.

    I'm not one of those that easily understands him but I have picked up useful trading tips from him even though I had to re-read his message a few times.

    Worth the headache sort'uv speak.

  7. but isn't it true none of his strategies worked and he has actually quit trading?
  8. Aurum


  9. Atlantic


    hm - and this happens again and again WHY??

    because if you come here and tell for example you make 3 times the daily range on ES consistently - but refuse to deliver any facts - what do you get?

    you get newbie trader who kiss your ass because they are naive and greedy and have no clue...

    and you get experienced traders who want to see FACTS - which he cannot show you since he does not have them - and what happens next in such a situtation is...
  10. Atlantic


    for example?
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