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    If you should recommend an only one book trading, which would it be?

    I’d choose an old one:

    The disciplined trader, by Mark Douglas

    It’s a nice reading book that, some time ago, helped me to incorporate a few important concepts and now, that I’ve return to active trading, I often read again.

    It links success trading with an attitude and emotional control issue. It isn’t something new that we haven’t previously hear but this don’t make it less important. Specially for those of us that find easy to make “paper trading” money.:D

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    Mark Douglas too?
  3. Mind Over Markets by Dalton
  4. Frankly I'm partial to any books on the market with long titles.

    "Uncle Timmay" the pioneer frontiersman of Buy Low Sell High: An account of the adventures and thrilling experiences of the most noted Trader ... now living (Market Nitwit Classics from the Stunata Collection)

    "Domestic Hedge Fund Preliminary Plans and Details: 734 Market Neutral Strategies Complete with Drawings of Candlesticks, Waves, Bollingers, Love Handles, Broker Statements, and Other Elements."
  5. :D :D