The book "Trade Mindfully" by Gary Dayton...Psy.D

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  1. Has anyone read this book ? I've found it useful, but it's such a tough read and long read, I find myself spending more time with the book than my trading workstation....LOL.
    It is simply huge and monolithic and requires constant reading and re-reading.
  2. speedo


    In the absence of delusion, we know what we do wrong and what we need to do correctly (given not a complete noob). Reading books about the psychological aspects of trading tell us that using many words. Beyond that it's a matter of summoning the will. If we can't do that, we will fail at trading. Reading about it may feel like progress but doing what is necessary consistently can happen in an instant....IF we have the will.
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  3. Sprout


    Time better spent going to the source,..

    through a consistent meditation practice.

    That’s the most direct and simplistic way to cultivate mindfulness.
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  4. Thanks guys.....this tome emphasizes defusion and a concept known as "feeding the tiger".
    I've learned a lot from it, but unable to absorb such a large body of psych knowledge and terms.