The Bond Market

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  1. It's time for me to tackle the bond market.

    It is a very large market, and I need a good starting point.

    Any suggestions or threads would be helpful.

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  2. Looks like someone saw the Chicago PMI before it came out this morn.
  3. sharp10


    Little over 3 mins earlier...shocking
  4. It's actually released 3 minute earlier 10.00ET to subcribers..
  5. The bond market is the domain of foreign central banks. There is no reason to get involved with it until something changes the fundamentals. Do you want to trade the curve that is now a straight line? There is no spread at all
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    I thought the release of Govt data is released at all the same time for everyone. I guess I was wrong.
  7. releases are given to the media about 15 min. early so that they can spin the stuff and it's suppose to be realesed to the public to the second

    now you wouldn't think that someone in the media is leaking the info to his broker.....nnaaahhhh cant be
  8. Who cares. There is no way to predict how the market will react to data.
  9. Unfortunately, the info is leaked long before the media gets it. Just another obstacle in the list of many.
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