The Bollinger Band

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  1. Are they any good?

    Do they Rock?:D
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    After 20 years of trying, you tell us!
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  3. yep i started out with them.
    did not do well, not Bollinger"s fault:D

    but i do not think any indicator can be used without some idea of price action, ALONG WITH A HEALTHY DOSE OF idea of market pulse,which you can only get with experience.

    But volatility is an important characteristic of market and i think they are volatility bands.not sure though
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    Look up Kagi charts with Bollingers. They work pretty well together...
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    Yes....they are useful. Here are a few scenarios.

    With daily data, previous month was a 12 month high.
    Daily close is below the lower Bollinger band.

    There is a strong probability that the previous high will be tested.


    With daily data, previous month was a 12 month low and was below lower Bollinger band.
    The prior two weeks were down.
    Todays close is up big.

    There is a strong probability that there will be a good sized bounce before further selling.
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    tt-chart (77).png

    They can come in handy. I've been looking at BBs on crypto lately and seeing some value.
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    John's a good guy. He maintains a private email discussion group for those interested in Bands. You can ping him if interested in participating.
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  8. Maybe this is your problem you want to know a little of everything and not a lot of one thing.

    “Chase two rabbits catch none”
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    I have been looking at his bands for 15 years. That being said, I still want to see his yacht too...
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    The utility of *any* technical indicator depends on
    1) the constancy of the market, with respect to history [the market-lagging inputs]
    2) the intention of the indicator to draw attention to trend or to trend-breaks (as in, BBs)
    3) the look-back parameters (which 90% of traders leave as God-given and fixed)
    4) how the indicator is used: whether as an auto-trading trigger or for discretionary support.

    That said, "Are Bollinger Bands any good?" Yes.
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