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  1. Folks,
    I have been distancing myself from active trading in order to pursue other interests. But since I still visit this site frequently I must give you some advice on blogging.
    (It is conceivable that some of you whipper/snapper traders want to do some blogs on your trading. )

    I had my static website for ages but recently I have started blogging and I have decided to use my own engine. I have tried 3 software packages (all free) to run an efficient blogging engine powered my PHP and MySql (pretty much standard web engine that is powerful enough to pretty much do ANYTHING!
    The best in my opinion is wordpress.
    I am realizing that, if used properly you can have an automated content management system for your website without ever doing any html.
    The free plugins are just amazing...
    Thousands of user base and a thriving community is a plus too. I am NOT, in anyway affiliated with these good folks at wordpress, only a blogger who cannot impress you enough how amazing free software actually is...

    P.S. I used to be a software guy eons ago.....
    If you blog you should not use other blogging sites but be a real man and use your own engine, you won't regret it....
  2. Real men don't blog.

    and don't even think about tweeting if you have stones.

    I don't often drink beer, but when I do, I drink Dos Equis.
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  5. If you just started I would move to your own so you can monetize it!!! Why write on these 3rd party blogs when they sell ads and you just write? wordpress has countless of plugins to monetize your own blog!!!
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    I'm very, very new. What are the advantages to using wordpress instead of blogger?
  7. did you read what I posted? when you control (host) your blog then you can sell subscriptions, ads etc. If you use others it is their advantage.
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    Couldn't I use Google Adsense through blogger?
  9. I don't know and I don't care......I mean even if you can/could you are not in 100-percent control and you are competing WITH THEIR ads!!!! Hullo, all these 3rd party blogger, community sites and other garbage are popping up, one a day, WHY? For ad revennue, NOT to serve the public!!!!
  10. andrasnm, please post your blog/site address
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