The blame game

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  1. War rages, and of course the blame game goes with it.

    The neocons are blaming Iran, of course.

    So where did Iran get those missiles to fund Hezbollah?

    Did they make them all by themselves, or did they buy them from China?

    Why don't we pressure China not to sell weapons to Iran?

    Why don't we threaten sanctions against China as punishment against sales of weapons to those the US says are not qualified to own weapons, i.e. members of the "Axis of Evil"....

    Oh yeah, if we do that, China might just decide to play hardball back...

    Follow the money, follow the money, follow the money....
  2. I've seen a handfull of Democrats blaming Iran as well or are you not aware of that yet?
  3. More strawman....

    I guess the point of my comments went over your tiny little head....

  4. Right strawman, red herring and all the other big words you like to use.

    The point is that we can't because China has us over a barrell but you put together another half truth and label it as a neacon problem as if there are no democrats in congress.

  5. Get this through your tiny little noggin:

    THE NEOCONS ARE IN POWER, not the dems who oppose the neocon agenda.

    Hillary and Lieberman, among others support the neocon plan...

    We are over a barrel because America has sold its ethics out the back door for cheap shit from WalMart and corporate profits for America...

    Follow the money, follow the money, follow the money...

  6. I love walmart.
  7. I love Z.
  8. What the US does is no different than any other country anyways.

    I don't know why it's such a shock.
  9. bsmeter


    Other countries don't go about telling other countries what they can and can not do. As an example, Americans get their panties in a bunch because Brazil is cutting down the Amazon at a frightening pace to make room for more soy farms. Your comparision is useless.
  10. China presently is ensuring the genocide continues in Sudan because they have a nice oil deal with the present gov't.

    France and russia were against the Iraq war because they were stealing from the Oil for food program etc.

    Every country makes decisions based on money period.

    Pull your head out of your ass.
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