the blame game

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    perhaps this will not be a well received post but here it is: i am struck by the amount of blame we give to others, (now, I am not any happier than the rest of you that many ex's got millions, have zero accountability, and hurt others).

    However, at some point, I also think there is a collective responsibility we all share in this scenario. What's great about blaming others is it puts us on the side of the angels.

    The negative side is that it further entrenches us as victims. Now, I do not jump for joy that the US taxpayer is given the bill for this misadventure....but, perhaps there is another way of looking at things.

    I do believe in cycles. Wasn't it about 100 years ago we had our last banking failure. Polarity exists....there is wealth, and there is scarcity. by acknowleging the two they tend to cancel each other out.

    All I am saying is that perhaps an attitude of acceptance might help move this thing along. As Jung stated, "Whatever we resist, persists".
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    Well good points,Sumsam;
    personaly try to avoid the blame game mostly.
    Media promotes it.

    For example, when '''GM blames the downturn'', instead of its bad managers & overpaid workers;
    compared to the Asian autos which made many billions to GM losing many billions .And on same sales volume,comparison .

    Like the GM Saturn, so usually its a mixture........................

    Its simply stupid the,GM business plan ;
    & more stupid for GM to try to ensnare/waste the US taxpayer's tax dollars.

    Not to worry either way;
    trend is a friend:D