The Black Miami Terrorists

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Pabst, Jun 24, 2006.

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    Rearden Metal and me discussed this very issue last year. Will blacks who've discovered Islam in U.S. prisons become the likely recruits and or operatives of Al Queda? Looks plausible. Fortunately anything beyond carjacking a Volvo is beyond the intellectual capability of most of these chaps.
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    Actually, I think they will piggyback with them as a cover/front for their own agendas. They'll be in and out as it suits their needs.

    I'm talking about the hardcore "Kill all White Devils!" sect.
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    I laughed at some of those "Kill Whitey" guys when they were doing a street preaching [rant] thing once. Not the thing to do, one of them came at me like he was going to do me right there. I still recall the fear. They are dangerous, but apparently easily caught.
  5. Yeah, their profile is a dead giveaway:

    Age:20 - 60
    6' to 6' 4'.
    Hair: short black
    Distinguishing features: Wears sunglasses, keeps arms folded over chest a lot, scowls at passerbys, smokes crack at times and quietly listens to rap music thru earplugs while moving lips, mutters the word "Allah" at least 300-times a day.

  6. Apparently these terrorists were inept and very dumb based on reports of their actions leading up to the arrests. They seem like Al-Qaeda wannabes. Of course, they can be dangerous too.
  7. Yep, they look pretty inept all right, but it doesn't matter. If they ever mentioned anything about 'war on America' or 'jihad' or 'killing the infidels' or taking out a building, they should go away for good. This isn't paintball where you can go in and pretend you're a green beret for an afternoon. Their relatives and lawyers are going to argue that they were just playing at being insurgents. Again, doesn't matter.
  8. Right!

    Just look at all the guys around this joint who play "trader."


  9. Is there an admission fee to this white supremecist thread?

    Then again, if we are talking home growns....

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    I don't believe any of your dummies linked themselves to Allah, which I think this thread is about.

    ...admission denied.
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