The bitcoin bounces hard, the bags will go up

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by TTT, Jul 2, 2018.

  1. TTT


    Bitcoin leads the stock market
  2. dozu888


    so $100B leads $25T

    yeah right.
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  3. Turveyd


    Take out 6800 and maybe, but my opinion is, BitCoin will free fall back to worthless the fad has worn off.
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  4. TTT


    you have to look at the volume of accumulation if it is high or not
  5. tenny1886


    in a few years with bit coin you can buy bits of food.
  6. treeman


    I don't think the retrace is over yet, but soon. It's a pretty good spot to get short, except for that damn margin requirement.
  7. Turveyd


    Margin??? thought you had to buy it or a fraction of without any margin ??

    I follow it daily just out of interest, never going to buy or trade, called the bottom April ish, mate bought 1 Bit Coin around $6800, tried to get him to sell just short of 10K but greedy LOL
  8. treeman


    Futures. I don’t think you can short it on Coinbase.
  9. lylec305


  10. maxinger


    DO not invest based on hope and when situation is hopeless.

    Instead trade based on reality.

    6750 nice resistance level and well tested.
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