The birth of a trillion dollar fund manager, Laurence Fink Moving Markets

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  1. Interesting article:

    It would suggest that by running a trillion, he would be the biggest influence on markets, in terms of a single person next to Bernanke. Possibly Bill Gross would be right behind him. As Bill Lipschutz indicated in Market Wizards, if your running a lot of money, over a yard (Billion) or so, you have a competitive advantage. If you know what your doing, this negates the disadvantage of finding liquidity to run your money or dealing with the slippage of running that nice size coin. Why? Because you can bully the market. You want something to go up, you can take it up and vice versa. You can "paint the charts" and create your own trends and trigger technical triggers where the manager could unload once momentum players step in, etc. If you look at Soros and his click when he gunned down sterling for billions in profits in a week, that was pure manipulation and balls. Soros and his "offshore network" forced capitulation. When the BOE (Bank of England) said they would defend sterling with X amount of yards, the book The Life and Times of the Messianic Billionaire indicates Soros was laughing saying "thats all" in so many words. It seems Fink and maybe Bruce Kovner at Caxton are the biggest players in the market that few have heard of.
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  4. I am 47 years old and this guy gets a trillion? I can't get nothing...

    go figure...

    It's who you know....

    trading politics suck...
    Michael B.
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    I remember many on ET saying Iran's proposed oil bourse will be a non-event. Whereas the smart money's already moving to hedge against any threat to the petrodollar system. Diversification is the new reserve currency.
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    I find the current state of the American debt-holders (specifically foreign holders of US government debt) to be very interesting. If they stop buying the debt (or sell a huge amount of it), it could mean serious problems for the other holders of the debt. I kind of wonder if at some point there is going to be a mad rush to the door to "get out first" from the US debt market. Conversely, maybe the current state of events will continue to hold (i.e. foreigners continuing to buy large amounts of US debt) because they are afraid of what would happen if they stop doing so.

    Also, I've thought a bit about introduction of Euro-based oil exchange, and I'm not sure what it will really accomplish for the sellers of oil. I should say that I will freely admit that I'm not an expert on the Euro, but all I really see such a thing doing is hurting a country like the US. But the Euro isn't exactly some sort of perfect model currency, it will still likely depreciate in real terms over time, etc.
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    ES what are your returns? Audited?
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    ES I am not asking for the download but assuming your statements are accurate and your returns continue for a few years the money will find you.

    I know two guys who ran their own money and because of their returns they got all major investment dollars thrown at them from big hitters at their clearing firms. One guy flopped and the other guy did well for years.

    By the way the guy who flopped even got money for technology from the investors before he flopped.
  9. Yeah I know.

    I only have 91 days....of this system...BUT I AM AN EXPERIENCED TRADER

    But I want to get going on this...

    Elitetrader has been great to me...So I want to respect the TOS. But it is always a pleasure to talk shop with managers...

    Currently I trade the system in a demo for observation by a fund, that is interested and contacted me. But I remain a free agent, until they let me trade institutional money. This has been a long 91 days...they could throw me bone at least...

    How does one get known? How do I publish my track record? I am a trader and not really a salesman. I need a fund to do that stuff, so I can concentrate on trading...

    Michael B.

    P.S. But guess what...If I get any size, I may not be able to continue posting publically....That would mean no more ElectricSavant! This could be good for ET ! :)

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    Euro is fiat money just like $ with worse fundamentals. I've read somewhere that Germans have their DM notes ready (just in case). I think dollar dominance in the world is over no matter when and how it happens. And ,for a regular Joe in America, it's actually a good thing in a long run IMO.
    I do not believe we will l ever get back to gold standard (read POWER OF GOLD by Bernstein). But I wonder wether independent Internet currency backed by anything is just a Utopia or it will ever come to pass.Personally I think Internet cannot be truly effectively controlled and it would imply Internet currency will happen but who knows.
    Any opinions on the subject?
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