The Billion $$$ Quest 2007

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Ripley, Nov 11, 2006.

  1. I have come back faster than I thought. But, I won't commence my trading till the beginning of the year.

    I have accumulated funds of $50K to take another go at it. Some of it was hard earned, and the other based on my good looks and quick wit. It wasn't free, it is backed on the millions that I am going to take away from the markets.

    I have come to the conclusion that the MARKET is FULL OF WEAK HANDS. If a PERSON can take a POSITION based on VALUE, INHERENT VARIANCE, and HANG on tight in the face of ADVERSITY, they can and WILL make a LOADS of money.

    I'm battle tested and proven, and I am READY. I decided to up the ante. I am going to compound my own money (NO OPM) for 1,000%+ for the next few years and retire before I am 30.
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    2 words.

    wake up.
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    heh... well, good luck :)
  4. Yes, and with just 50k you should be one of them.

    Learn how to be a weak hand and love it.

    Good luck!
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    oh yeah, forgot to mention i'm turning $100 into $1,000,000 in under 10 years too! :) Uhhuh! Seriously... ;P
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    Not sure of the need to announce trading that won't commence for another 7 weeks, but when it begins this can be moved back to the Journals forum. Good luck in your preparation.
  7. Based on what I remember, you were a net loser because you didn't have an edge and you couldn't execute in a disciplined manner.

    Did you do the testing necessary to find an edge? If so, you didn't mention it, and yet it is vital to your success.

    Have you found a way to control your emotions and execute the plan? If so, again you haven't mentioned it.

    For professionals this is a simple and brutal game. You either have your game on, or you don't. In this respect, daytrading is similar to poker. When you sit down and look across the table if you can't identify the weak hand, chances are YOU are the weak hand. I am not saying you can't succeed. I am saying that your dialogue is the same as when you left.

    Good luck
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    you have to believe in yourself, why else are you doing this?
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    What's changed Ripley?

    All the best!
  10. That was just a warning to the pikers in here before I took their money. Seriously... I have a fickle heart at times and tend to care for the welfare of others.

    But the truth still stands: MOST EVERYONE LOSES in this GAME.

    You cannot win WITHOUT realizing that.

    YOU MUST learn all the ways to LOSE before you can LEARN NOT TO LOSE.
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