The biggest stock secret

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  1. A fucking waste of my time.
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  3. Ditto, I watched about two minutes.
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  6. Made it through 32 seconds. Threw in the towel after he said he "had documented proof that WWI and WWII were planned years in advance".

    The other 8 minutes had to have been all down hill after that.

    Yet another worthless thread on ET.
  7. My someone explain to me why this guy is wasting time and talking abut this thinks?
    There must be reason for it…
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    pure garbage
  9. That one about the federal reserve. At least that's entertaining and stirs the imagination. This fat fuck was atrocious. I was playing poker and had this running in the background. I should of known from the first 10 seconds it was going to be all down hill. I got as far as a hostile takeover of the peaceful corporation of Germany by the evil bankers of the corporation of USA. About 4 minutes in. A complete fucking waste.
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