The biggest social impact of the financial crisis

Discussion in 'Politics' started by oktiri, Oct 28, 2008.

    A major realignment in gender relations.

    The collapse of consumerism + a meltdown of retail & real estate will have more than an economic effect.
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    oktiri, can you elaborate? I was thinking just the other day.

    That it is interesting how recently women have gone back to seeking "manly men".

    The manly look and personality has really been coming on strong, as opposed to the "metro" look that has been popular for years now.

    It is interesting to me that before anyone knew times might require "manly" men, they are back in style with women.
  3. Go to any clothing store/ Starbuck and take a close look at who's working there.
    I'd like to see statistics breaking down employees by gender in the "discretionary" spending sector.

    This sector will be demolished by the current crisis.Many women will lose their jobs, it's natural for a (financially vulnerable just "leverages" the whole thing) woman to look for a "manly" man as a future father and protector to her offspring.

    When wallets get thin, people are less tolerant of indecent behavior. If there was a market trading the likeliness of gay marriage being adopted, I can assure you they'd have lost more than 90 % this month.

    Remember 9/11 and the rise of the "security" moms demographic.

    The financial crisis will mark the emergence "I'm a 30 year old bitch who dreamed to work in Marketing and now just desperate to get hitched to anybody with a salary" demographic.

    "Women empowerment" will join "Security moms" in the history books. It's over folks