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  1. is that if you can open the higher chakras. Heart and crown. Then you will probably become a genius and have no problem with trading.

    I used Marijuana (An entheogen) to open my heart chakra a little. It´s dificult to explain what happens. Some say we connect to an infinite intelligence. When i do that it´s so much easier. Have not managed to open the crown yet except for a 1/10 of a second or so. THAT was amazing even though it lasted such a short time.

    You have any experiences with this you want to share?
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  2. Here´s some interesting information. Can you hear that sound in your head? :D
    It´s not Tinnitus here at least.

    Use earplugs.

    "Focus your full, undivided attention in the center of your brain where the pineal gland is located. Listen with your attention for whatever sounds present themselves. After awhile, you will hear sounds of various tones and pitches. At first, you may only hear the low hiss of random molecular noise in the ears, but in time, definite tones will present themselves like sustained notes on an organ. This sound is perceived directly by the brain and the subtle bodies themselves, and not through the outer physical organs of the ears. It is the sound of the vibration of conscious energy as it flows through the physical body and as it vibrates and circulates within the subtle bodies."
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    So, the paperboy smokes some doobie, opens his energy channels, and starts tripping.
    Being so open about the esoteric, how about now share the financial results?
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  4. I think the biggest secret is mindset... I dont think smoking a joint is going to clear away emotional baggage or help your understand how your mind works. I believe in addressing root causes... but if it works for you fuck what I say. Imo you gotta understand your triggers, sometimes subconscioulsy you will sabotage yourself because of events in your past. Ofc, if you have no understanding of how the market works psychology is moot. But you might have an excellent understanding of the market and a highly profitable strategy but if you have a lot of mental baggage you will sabotage yourself and lose. You cannot reach peak performance without a sound mind. I reccommend mindset by carol dweck, daily trading coach by brett streenbarger and one good trade by mike bellafiore. These are all extremely beneficial to developing the correct mindset (a growth one where the process is key - fuck your pl... lose or win its irrelevant) and also understanding how psychology can make or break your trading.

  5. Yes i will try to do that soon. :)
  6. I have to say, I did not have the chance to explore this path fully.
    But what you are doing for sure : opening to heart and your "intuition" or "divine inspiration"
    can only be a positive thing for reading the market: are you talking about grabbing the
    enthusiasm , or the love a market shows for an instrument ?
    Or May be your "divine inspiration" can warn you when fear seems to be coming in?
    Myself, I am now extremely neutral as far as what people are doing.
    I am just interested in understanding what is happening, and staying out of the market
    when I simply do not undertsand what is going on.
  7. It is proven that people who use their intuition make better decisions than people who use only logic. But you don't have to smoke dope to take advantage of it

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    I wonder what it would be like to trade on LSD. Talk about getting "inside the bar." The most I've done (while trading) is have a few beers and even that's not the best idea.
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    I've known programmers who claim they do their best work on cannabis, but then that's for the creative benefits, not performance. You could extend that to LSD, considering some of the best music ever writing was whilst under the influence (or so it has been claimed).

    The trading session is about taking action in line with a plan. I'm open minded to the positive effects of cannabis or LSD for this purpose.
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    I would not experiment with the so called LSD they sell today (which is mostly just poison) unless you know the chemist personally. In the 60's, one chemist could provide thousands with good clean LSD, and that is where all the positive stories come from. When was the last time you heard a good story about the crap they sell for LSD today? And no, it is not good for trading.

    Now cannabis? I'm constantly stoned. I use to wait until 4:20 but the pain pills the doc prescribed upset my stomach and are not as effective.

    I only have one rule, "Never make an important decision when you are stoned." And since I am always stoned I never make important decisions. Toss the I Ching. About 90% of the time or more it advises, "Don't make any important decisions." When it comes time to make that important decision, your desire for pot will wane. They can stick a pipe or a joint in your face and you will say, "No, thanks, not at this time, but hit me later after I have made my important decision."
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