The Biggest Secret Of Market Universe Discovered ?

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  1. Hihihihi :

    Experimenting fractal rules : I have found a funny rule but it is just too recent. For example today I have these numbers (calculation from my model):

    4 base min base: 7678.72 proj: 7628.28 05:00 (20:30)
    16 proj min base: 7711.35 proj: 7556.77 17:00 (32:30)
    112 base max base: 7871.05 proj: 7653.57 113:00 (128:30)
    56 proj max base: 7815.53 proj: 7739.24 57:00 (72:30)

    The market have followed the path
    7556 -> 7711 -> 7628 -> 7653

    which corresponds to the apparent logic pattern:
    MinTP1 -> Dual MinTP1 ->(replace TP1 by TB1) Dual MinTB1 -> (replace Min by Max) Dual MaxTB1

    If we continue with the same logic it will give:

    -> (replace TB1 by TP1) Dual MaxTP1: 7815

    P.S.: Of course he didn't did exactly 8556 but only 8562 but I think it is enough near to consider that he made 8556.
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    :D hihihihi
  3. 56 proj max base: 7815.53 proj: 7739.24 57:00 (72:30):

    The high and above all the last high at 7740 is just close to 7739.24 which we could call "efficient frontier" : the frontier where the incertitude is maximal :D. It is the launchpad for 7815 but like Rocket Science an accident and the Rocket will never take off hihi ! On my pseudo elliott chart (pseudo because it is not really elliott) 7739 is the maximal corrective wave :

    <IMG SRC=>

    ... in a Downtrend which has stopped at wave 3 but there is a wave 5 also but it is on weekly chart and I can't attach two files at the same time so just imagine arf.

  4. More precisely I refer to "Lindenmayer System " which is defined in mathematics (source wolfram) as:

    "A string rewriting system which can be used to generate fractals with dimension between 1 and 2. The term L-system is often used as an abbreviation. "

    In fact it was invented for describing plant :

    L-systems are a mathematical formalism proposed by the biologist Aristid Lindenmayer in 1968 as a foundation for an axiomatic theory of biological development. Central to L-systems, is the notion of rewriting, where the basic idea is to define complex objects by successively replacing parts of a simple object using a set of rewriting rules or productions. The rewriting can be carried out recursively.

    The most extensively studied and the best understood rewriting systems operate on character strings. Chomsky's work on formal grammars (1957) spawned a wide interest in rewriting systems. Subsequently, a period of fascination with syntax, grammars and their application in computer science began, giving birth to the field of formal languages.

    Aristid Lindenmayer's work introduced a new type of string rewriting mechanism, subsequently termed L-systems. The essential difference between Chomsky grammars and L-systems lies in the method of applying productions. In Chomsky grammars productions are applied sequentially, whereas in L-systems they are applied in parallel, replacing simultaneously all letters in a given word. This difference reflects the biological motivation of L-systems. Productions are intended to capture cell divisions in multicellular organisms, where many division may occur at the same time.

  5. This is wonderful. I've been working in the entymological field for years, researching the mating preferences of the Belgian Water Beetle. I've often been perplexed by the bafflingly random number of offspring produced at various times throughout the year. But now, I've found the key!

    Your charts seem to mimic exactly my hard findings...fractally, volumetrically, and realistically! Chomsky was clearly a genius! Incidentally, I concur with all Wolframic divergent classifications of time, number, and displacement. One must throw out the bottom-feeding leech values, however, but these are trifles, at best.

    Now I must establish a market for Belgian Water Beetle offspring. I must contact the Chicago Board of Trade and make them aware of the necessity of a Belgian Water Beetle market. We'll make the symbol "BB" and we'll only trade for August delivery (to correspond with Saturn's moon-phase geometry, of course)!

    The only foreseeable problem is that I presume that 90% of all traders will opt to take delivery of this fantastic creatures, instead of merely speculating for profit. But, oh, joyous day!!

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    I rarely seem to understand these threads that HT starts.
  7. is, what the hell is he talking about?
  8. I personally find Harry's persistance impressive considering that so few understand him. Sometimes I too wonder if I am among those who understand him, but his posts are certainly interesting in their own way.

    Harry's stuff is definitely a colorful addition to the drab of regular posts on ET.

    Keep it up Harry, whatever that 'it' means!
  9. I'm making so fun doing ANTI-marketing that's how I filter people :D. Only people that are serious but do not take life seriously interest me.

    For example in Marketing you must never use superlatifs like Super, Terrific, etc:

    T h e T a b o o L i s t

    Etched in Stone for a Thousand Good Reasons
    "VERY, VERY"

    So I am doing exactly the contrary : If you can find better than "The Biggest Secret Of Market Universe Discovered ?" just tell me :D

    So I am sure that I will never get stupid people that are only attracted by marketing disguisement.

    Also in Marketing you must normally sound serious so I'm won't I will use childish tone or make the clown :D because people who only judge by appearance don't interest me either:

    The Secret of the Talk/Listen Ratio

    Earlier we learned that what you sound like is more important than what you say.

    Well, Let's kick it up a notch, because...

    "What you don't say is even more important
    than what you sound like!"


    Yes, "What you don't say is even more important than what you sound like" because when you are not talking, you're listening! And listening is much more important than talking when you are attempting to persuade.

  10. OK let's make a business alliance :D

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