The biggest ponzi scam... bigger than madoff

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  1. I was just thinking about this today... I was thinking with the ponzi scam where you tell the investors that their investments are worth x, while in reality they are worth x - y. The way that the ponzi scam continues is if more and more investors continue to invest paying off the ones who are want to cash out.

    The ponzi scam will fail if a certain amount want to cash out > the value held in the accounts.

    Then I thought about the US goverment, isn't this the biggest ponzi scam ever? They are 12 trillion in debt, have another 40 something trillion in libalities (Social security & medicare / medicade when the bommers die off). not to mention the US has a negative cash flow of 500 billion each year.

    Eventually there isn't going to be enough people who are willing to invest to keep this ponzi thing going.

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    what do you mean eventually?

    Is this a trading thread?
  3. yes you are absolutely right, you hit the nail on the head perfectly

    Because USA uses debt based currency

    The Federal Reserve (private bank), prints money and loans it to US government at interest


    it is actually remarkable what these bankers managed to pull and make entire United States of America their property.

    and to make matters truly insane, the FED owners are not even American elite, BUT EUROPEAN ELITE

    how fucked up is that
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    FED is one of the biggest culprits of this recession. I am just curious why US citizens do not riot against a private central bank. Any ideas?
  5. United States citizens are products of purposeful miss education by CNN and MTV

    United States citizens no longer have ability of critical thinking
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    I must agree on this. I have been a member of this forum for a year (I was only interested in trading related threads. But recently I read some threads on the politics forum on ET.

    I was truly frightened how US citizens are unaware of what is going on in the world today or how much they unaware they have been mislead by the US mainstream media :(
  7. when you take a look at how poor black and other poor young men are told to Join the US army

    then they go and die in Iraq or other places ACTUALLY believing that they are spreading freedom in the world

    truly sad :(
  8. there is a very good trader on this Board his name is Gnome

    and he actually believes that US government goes around the world and helps people

    he is exactly the kind of LONG TERM product The Fed wants

    he is not aware of drug trafficking by CIA for black project money

    he is not aware of subversive foreign policy for last 50 years

    truly sad

    truly sad :(
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    The US COULD get out of debt (theoretically, but I don't think there's any way we'll be able too) if we become a net exporter, correct? However, our whole country is addicted to consumption more ways than one and we really don't produce much.

    Coupling that with the extreme devaluation of the dollar being used to pay off our debts makes me very uneasy.
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    I am from Europe and we have many adequate jokes about how USA ''helps'' the world with their democracy and freedom. One of the joke ends with: ''we Europeans should be happy that our countries do not have rich oil and gas reserves, otherwise USA would need to introduce their democracy and freedom in our countries'' :p
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