The Biggest One-Day Declines in the Dow Jones Industrial Average

Discussion in 'Trading' started by sub0, Oct 12, 2009.

  1. sub0


    Looks like we are smoothly sailing through an October without any crash. As you can see 2009 has not made the list yet. :cool:

  2. S2007S


    The drop will come when least expected.
  3. sub0


    A look at what days the above falled on:

    01. Monday (Sept)
    02. Wednesday (Oct)
    03. Monday (Sept)
    04. Monday (Dec)
    05. Friday (Oct)
    06. Friday (April)
    07. Monday (Oct)
    08. Wednesday (Oct)
    09. Monday (Aug)
    10. Tuesday (Oct)
    11. Monday (Oct)
    12. Friday (Sept)
    13. Wednesday (Nov)
    14. Wednesday (Sept)
  4. Great data here guys. Why the HELL did they all occur in the fall and that one early winter.

    Makes you wonder if these are 'planned' drops.
  5. Melt ups come when least expected too. :)