The Biggest Moochers VOTE Republican

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    Here are some program costs

    Food stamps, unemployment insurance, welfare: $210 billion

    Medicaid and CHIP grants to states: $265 billion
    Medicare: $550 billion (2011)

    Social Security: $778 billion

    TOTAL: $1.8 trillion

    Now Medicare is one program that is paying out way more than people put in making it the moocher's choice.

    "While seniors have paid for their benefits, their payments do not cover the costs of the program. In 2011, approximately 88 percent of Medicare’s spending was funded by taxpayers. A large part of the problem is the erroneous belief that seniors have fully paid for their benefits. In fact, Moffit and Senger explain that, “on average, a one-earner couple who retired at age 65 in 2011 and earned an average wage will have paid just $60,000 into the program but will receive an estimated $357,000 worth of benefits.”"


    An AARP analysis of the exit poll data shows that while the 50+ vote went to GOP candidate Mitt Romney by 53-46 percent.

    No wonder Romney promised to increase Medicare spending by 700 billion dollars.
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    Wow, no TAKERS for this bit of wisdom.
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  7. The Biggest Moochers do vote Republican

  8. In all fairness, is there something newer than 2008? I know Ak, I ask a lot from you, and thanks for helping out.
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  10. Maybe but I doubt it would be much newer.Every time I read something about tax data the data is a few years old
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