The Big Takeover -The global economic crisis isn't about money - it's about power

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  2. Great article.

    Paulson is such an enormous POS. He should be hung.
  3. I was gonna say. Sad times when you're getting financial/economic news from a hippie rag.
  4. Seems like a well written piece:
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    He had some stuff in there I hadn't heard before.

    So far Michael Lewis and this guy, MATT TAIBBI, have the most interesting articles I've seen on the CDS scam.

    Interesting that they're both slightly outside the MSM.

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    exchange between Rep. Alan Grayson of Florida and Federal Reserve vice chairman Donald Kohn

    when Grayson asked if the purchased assets were "marked to market"

    Kohn answered, mysteriously, "The ones that have market values are marked to market."

    "Well, how much of them don't have market values?" asked Grayson. "How much of them are worthless?"

    "None are worthless," Kohn snapped.

    "Then why don't you mark them to market?" Grayson demanded.

    "Well," Kohn sighed, "we are marking the ones to market that have market values."

    which one? we will never know!
  7. So are you like the designated local anti-semite or someting?

    Just curious.
  8. No, he is just jealous. No one in his family ever got beyond third grade...

  9. Why don't we have the freedom to criticize the israelis who have hijacked the financial system and destroyed it? Keep clinging to the myth that these powerbroker elites actually care about Joe 6-pack or Sally Lunchbucket.

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