The Big Short - US housing bubble 2008

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  1. Randy Boy

    Randy Boy

    If you are into investing...... you must watch this movie.
    You will have a clear idea on what is a bubble, what is a market crash,
    what happens next and etc.
    This movie will give you the exact idea of the Depth of the Market.

    I invite all of you to watch this.

    Feel free to share your thoughts....
  2. Pekelo


    One of my favorite movies, but you are somehow 5-6 years late.
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  3. El Trado

    El Trado

    Everyone has seen that movie. At least they should have. It is one of the absolutely best movies ever.
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  4. I just watched it on Amazon Prime a few weeks ago.
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  5. After the Office, I can't take Carrel seriously.

    I sold an house in San Diego (Encinitas) in April 2004. I remember asking the real estate agent what she was going to do when the prices cratered. She acted like she had no idea of what I was speaking of.

    I had no idea how long the Feb could keep it afloat another, 4 years or so it seems.
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