The Big Picture In Silver

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    I like to look @ lots of silver, SLV charts also;
    longest term charts are bullish buy/uptrending..............................

    But one year chart is is bearish;
    looks like its going down. Buy volume is weak which can be bullish or bearish -looks bearish here..

    A silver dealer mailed me & called me wanting to sell some silver . I told him yes i like silver and mentioned an unforgettable picture of a grizzley bear with a silver bar in its mouth.LOL:cool:

    Wisdom is profitable to direct-not a prediction , simply probabilities:cool: Another local silver dealer always buys;
    never sells........................................
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    Yes. Long term is definately bullish. You see that giant cup and the handle forming at the bottom of the article? Wow is all I can say.
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    I like William O'Neil, one of the 1st cup with handle publishers:cool: Long term silver still shines.

    And while i never really considered $32 sell area as important as $50 or $55+/long term:D

    A local cash silver & metals dealer said he likes selling silver @$32;
    i see his point:cool: I study trends more, but lots of trend traders/investors selling silver.
    GLD, gold looks like a better uptrend on a 1 year chart, but none of these are predictions.:cool:
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    In process of selling my gold but looking to buy other precious metal that hasn't topped yet. What other should i buy here?
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    Hard to say which to buy. In all honesty I would probably just sit on the cash for a little while. I am waiting for some solid bottoms to form before I go long any commodity.
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    Some jewelry stores/cash cows are still buying gold, but the bid/ask is so wide....:D

    SLV & silver investors were mostly selling until the $35 area ;
    butl silver shined so much, that area became resistance on weekly candlecharts.

    One investor/trader bought & scaled in late / above $40 area in silver;
    but he bought so small, he said, it worked well..................:cool:
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    Small picture is better.why do you need the big picture where one tick is $25?:confused:

    I wannabe Silver futures future millionaire small picture artist./

    :D :D :D
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    Isthere any Silver millionaire trader out there,btw?
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    Good points. That may or may not help you or me if Bill Gates ,Bill Gross is buying /investing in gold /GLD or silver/SLV. Because I agree with Rich ''TURTLE'' Dennis-do your own research.

    However I respect Bill Gross work habbits[generally speaking]that have done well in money management over many, many years.

    That OX /Charles Schwab fixed income manager who is bearish or now neutral on bonds, she maybe right ; i simply do not know her track record.With the exception of Merideth on ''C'', muni bonds [Citigroup...], most on Wall Street will not say sell.LOL:D

    I like medium/ long term trends, not exactly like Mr Bunker Hunt.:D But Bunker Hunt was right on the long term trend mostly. But try not to get in a fight with Moses, Charleston Heston, or the Chicago exchanges...LOL:D
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