The Big One Just Hit ...

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    Here in California we refer to the next catastrophic earthquake as The Big One--not a modest little 7.0 temblor like Loma Prieta in 1989, but a massive 8.0+ quake like the 1906 event which devastated San Francisco.

    The financial Big One hit today. Though the markets are still standing, the apparently modest damage is illusory--deep inside, the supports have broken. Over the next few weeks, we will witness a seemingly sound structure start collapsing under its own weight--the global house of structured debt. Though to the naked eye it seemed to have survived today's modest financial quake, reverberating shock waves will soon bring it down.......
  2. Thanks for the post. The blog is new to me. How am I supposed to respond? Laugh? Cry? Please advise.
  3. Good article, I agree with it completely.
  4. How long have you guys been gravitating towards doom & bloom. It's always out there for you to get sucked into. Did you fall for Y2K also. If you did, you should reconsider wherer U spend your mental energy.

  5. All the bad news had ben factored in already last week. Market went down on Friday and Monday it will rebound a bit. Remember, just because most folks are trying to make ends meet, there are people with $$$$ to invest. real Estate is done for the moment, what are they gonna buy gold?
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    Yeah right because there has never been a boom or bust has there?
  7. Watch what happens when Europe, Japan, the US and others decide to support the dollar if it gets too low.

    This is doom and gloom.

    It has as much meaning as a forecaster who has called 15 of the last 2 recessions. The two times they are right, they crow and ignore the 13 times they are wrong
  8. Boom or Bust is not what I'm referring to. Markets move in cycles so get used to it. Alot of posts on this site are hugely over exagerated as though the end of the Global financial world is around the corner. Gullible and a waste of time.
  9. What makes you think a strong dollar is bullish stocks?
  10. What makes you think that the US wants a strong dollar?
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