the big growth names

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by cqm, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. cqm



    so I can run a stock screener and see some strong companies, low-no debt, okay profit margins, some other features I like to look for

    but I was wondering what the names on the street are? I know AAPL but what else is hot?

    Would the components of say the Investors Business Daily 30 be worth looking at or have those components already had their runs in the past
  2. mnst, cmg, pcln, I could go on and on, what type of companies are you looking for exactly? certain market caps?
  3. cqm


    liquid tight spreads, over 2million stock volume daily, much growth potential

    yeah I'm seen chipotle and priceline, I haven't done any research on them yet
  4. timcar


    4/10/2012 04:00 PM

    Last: 71.44 Change: -4.53
    Volume: 3,295,192
    Percent Change: -5.96%

    Is now the time to jump in ??????
  5. timcar


    June 28

    lulu 58.31 -3.44
    cmg 376.95 -14.83

    Lulu looking better
  6. timcar


    Lulu June 28 58.75 to July 11 55.96

    Nflx June 28 68.05 to July 11 83.35

    Guess this is why I have been doing bad lately

    Great move by NFLX should have been in netflix
  7. timcar


    It like that scene in the movie WS where Bud Fox taps on the car window and says OK MR. gecko you have convinced me.

    Jumped into NFLX today at 83.74 and I think the next stop it 91.55.

    No more losers for me like QCOM CAT and LULU
  8. timcar


    Sold me some NFLX at 173.45 today not a bad gain
  9. timcar


    HLF -The nutrition and skin-care products company's holder Carl Icahn disclosed a 15.6 stake in the firm, according to an amended 13D filing, up from 13.6 percent as of March 1. Shares gained in extended-hours trading.

    Icahn loves him some HLF