the "BIG daily Range" FX trade them?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by increasenow, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. they are:
    GBP/JPY.... trade any of them?comments on any of these?you have a per trade pip profit?...the spreads can be bigger on these but the daily range more than makes up for this...lets start a discussion on these BIG ones!!...or any other FX pairs in this type of daily range?
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    You must be a machine.
  3. ??? Care to elaborate?
  4. because increasenow, always asks a million questions generally the same questions over and over again. He has asked this forx question about pairs and peoples lot size and profit in alot of fx journals. People are getting tired of him asking the same shit. He needs to just trade and be quiet and post a journal of his trades. Just like a few months ago we was asking about qm and cl being the most amazing thing to trade and thought that was the holy grail to trade. He is more than likely just planted here to ask questions and start posts as he never is mean. But enough is enough. People have there own threads and when we are talking to each other trading he busts in there and worries about pips, profits and what not and always ends his posts with " any thought" to try and spur people talkin. Increasenow if you really want to learn fx this is not the place goto babypips or forexfactory and go on there forums, those are people dedicated to forex and they will help you. Here is not the place for all your questions that are the same over and over again!