The Big Bang, How You Got Here, & Golden Coins

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  1. The Big Bang And The Creation Of The Physical Universe

    Ok, I can see that the "children of the earth" are 2000 years older and wiser now, so I can explain this in a more direct way. This is as concise as I dare to make the story, since it's clear that missing links are causing confusion. This is to clear tons confusion in one fell swoop.

    Leading up to the "Big Bang" there was a though process with intent.

    I'll translate it something like this:

    God, to show himself unlimited, extends in the direction of limitedness. This is first done by way of extension into individuated awarenesses that I will call "soul". For illustration purposes, consider each soul equal to God. At this level there is pure joy.

    To segregate even further, the soul shifts its attention and in a twinkling of an eye, creates perception...perceiving itself as separate from something that is now for the first time, other.

    A new energy is born out of this dream of separation: That which has been pure joy, that which has been pure freedom, pure safety, now changes and takes on its own energy. And that we have called fear. Here is born not extension, but contraction, or the experience of contraction, as fear emerges in awareness.

    Now the river begins to cascade very quickly - out of fear, out of the first inception of the thought, "I am alone. I am separate from my Creator." Yet, in reality, it is the Creator perceiving the Creator, and creating the perception that God is separate from God.

    With that thought, an explosion occurs - very like what your scientists have called the "big bang". They do not know how close they are! They merely need to make the shift to seeing that the big bang occurred in consciousness itself, not out of pure matter.

    In the big bang of consciousness, suddenly imagine that "soul" exploding in space, which comes into being with the thought of separation, and becoming an infinite array, or number of points - little "souls", little sparks of divinity, little particles of light.

    To use analogy from your realm of science, the wave of light has now become particles of light. When and why, who can say? Only that One, who is doing the birthing of itself, knows. And you are that One.

    As these particles of light are now spread out through the infinite reaches of the pure potentiality of Sprit - which is Light, which is God - each particle possesses the exact same potential. In fact, you could not find any difference between the points of light, whatsoever - none. It you were to measure them they would be the same size, although they have no size. If you measured their frequency or vibration, they would all be the same - identical points of light that seem to have now taken existence in different points of space.

    That is, there is a sense that while they are identical in quality and substance, there is a slight difference in the space that each one occupies, as though you took two identical pencils and put one on the left side of the table, and one on the right. Still made of the same substance, but now, in the vast continuum of space, that which is identical is occupying two points of space, each with the perfect freedom mirroring the perfect freedom of the one God.

    Kapish so far? Good! And it is very good so far!

    Now we have infinite rays of light, mirroring and reflecting the perfection of the freedom of pure potentiality, which is the Light itself - the pure potentiality to create. And each one has within it the thought, the recognition, the perception of separation.

    Fear has been birthed. And with it, the thoughts, "I am alone. I am not that point of light over there. I am just myself." As the energy of fear continues, the contraction, the condensation, the descension continues.

    Now, what has burst forth instantaneously ( this is not yet requiring time) is the multitude, the infinite multidimensionality, which is creation - except the physical universe has not yet been birthed. The physical universe requires the concept of time. For only in time does the physical dimension exist.

    Here is where you find what has been called in your language the hierarchy of angelic beings, of angelic worlds. They are points of light, just like you, but not in the experience of time, nor in the condensation that you would call physical bodies - not even the lower astral bodies. Still, this multidimensionality of creativity is a radiant dance with just a tinge of a sense of separation, or "otherness", or fear.

    Now we get closer the the creation of the physical universe.

    In this multidimensionality, which is still pervaded and is as Light itself, condensation continues. And here your scientist begin to tap into it, so you can see how many steps removed they are! But here light begins to condense into the particle of matter. Again, the explosion occurs, as the one basic atom - Adam - explodes in the big bang. And the multitude of bodies, of planetary bodies, including your central sun of your tiny little universe, is birthed.

    The physical universe, of which you are a part as a human being, is vast beyond comprehension. Yet, it is as a tiny speck of dust. It is as a tiny speck of light, floating seemingly freely - like a tiny drop of milk that seems to have separated itself from the body of milk - and is unaware of the multidimensionality of radiant Light and Spirit and God in which it floats, out of which it has been given its very existence. You are, therefore, not outside of Spirit. You are held lovingly - your whole physical dimension - in the center of Spirit.

    As this condensation continues, what you have been told to call "life" begins. Conditions are set up, emerging from what? Pure chance? Hardly! It emerges out of the pure potentiality, the power and the perfect intelligence to create.
    Although now, that creativity is expressing itself - more and more - out of fear, not out of pure joy. It is like taking a note of a flute and muffling it slightly, so that it has a different quality. Yet it is still pure energy. For what can fear be, but energy? Just as love is energy, compassion is energy, sadness is energy, and anger is energy.

    Do you see? Fear is just an energy, and nothing more. In itself, it is perfectly neutral...for all events are neutral. And fear, being merely a dance or a play of energy itself, must be an entirely neutral event, until something arises to perceive and experience it differently. And what is that? The egoic consciousness.
  2. Fear now takes its final form.

    Here, fear has condensed into its final form. There can be no further condensation of the energy that has become fear, for egoic consciousness is fear-full consciousness. The ego is fear. Yet, it is made of pure power, pure potentiality, unlimited creativity.

    Rest assured, you all have the experience of knowing just how ceaselessly creative egoic mind can be. For without ceasing, it knows how to immediately look upon another brother or sister or event or anything, and that fast - in the twinkling of an eye, in a space that does not even require a thought - egoic consciousness can change its values, can change its perceptions, to create what it wants to create.

    What it wants to create is that which continues its existence. Much like in your physical body, when a cell becomes cancerous and decides to run amuck, and act as though it were not dependent on the laws of the body itself that keep the body healthy, it begins to do what? It begins to create cells like unto itself. Cancer is merely a misperception run amuck at the level of the body that is thinking for itself, creating in its own image, rather than extending the image of the Creator and living out of harmony with the one MInd that creates in radiant joy, for not other reason that to extend the good, the holy and the beautiful.

    Yet, God does not create limitation, and therefore, He does not withdraw creativity from the power of the ego. Rather, because God is Love, all power under Heaven and Earth is available and can be tapped into by egoic consciousness.

    So what is egoic consciousness? YOu all know what it feels like to be absolutely certain that you are separate and alone, that you must rely on your own thinking process, and that no one beyond - not just the boundary of your body or skin - but no one beyond your unique, contracted sense of "I" has any connection to you whatsoever, and no one cares. And you lament, "I am alone. I am separate. How on earth am I going to make it? I've got to figure my own way. I've got to figure out how this world worlds. I've got to make it happen for myself!"

    Fear has taken its final form. NOw, there is a complete forgetting of God, of the One, of Spirit, even of soul. The body represents a level of vibration, still quite intelligent, still very intelligent. It is like a matrix of energy, the very thought of condensation into human form, out of which forms keep getting created, keep getting created, keep getting created, keep getting created. You have done that for yourself an infinite number of times.

    The body is the representation of the ego. For notice that as you sit in your chair, you are quite certain you are not the wall across from you. As you sit where you are in your chair, your consciousness, your awareness tells you that you are the reader and not the author.

    That is egoic consciousness that says, "I am not That One. I am not God. I am not pure Spirit. I am not pure soul. I am this thing that sits in this chair, now." And do you know something? You are absolutely right - you are that! That and so much more!

    The egoic mind is that which creates the separated perception that it is only one tiny, thin slice of the pie. It creates a delusion, a distortion, in consciousness itself, like a little blip on a radar screen that tells the one watching the screen that there is some thing there. The egoic mind says, "I am separate (think religion). I am alone (think atheism). I cannot think with the Mind of God (think religion). I cannot experience unity consciousness (think agnosticism). I cannot be as Jesus is (think religion again!) No, not me (think what you've been told). I'm too small and too weak (think politics). Oh, I just don't have it together yet (think what everyone else in chit chat says to you). Maybe someday (what the evolutionists say to you). "

    Yet all the while, you are That One. By the power of That One, you have the potential to think the thought, "I could never be like Jesus is. I'm really too small, too fragile, too weak, and too stupid. Oh, Christ consciousness may be there for someone else, but not for me."

    The whole while, that very thought must use the power of the One. For that power is Life! That power is pure being! That power is the real world! That power is the only thing that exists - period! By the power of That One, you have dreamt the thought of the separate self. By the power of That One, when you decide to, you will awaken from the though of egoic consciousness.

    You have a history to that body-mind that emerged from sexual desire between two beings called parents who got together. and a little thing wiggled its way up to touch another thing, and there was a burst of light, and a pure spark of pure soul made a decision from intentionality to become fixated or identified with, and as, a physical form.

    So, having a good time on a Saturday night is the source of your being - as a bodily being.

    That is the matrix into which you have descended, time and time again, as you have come to teach yourself that you are just a separate, lonely, failing, weak individual. In the lingo of the internet, you are just trolling.

    At the death of the body, you have found yourself as soul, and been frightened by the radiance of your light, because that light is not the same as your interpretation that you learned of yourself.

    Fear causes condensation, contraction, falling if you will. And what you fall into is a matrix of energy that best resonates with your own perception and belief about yourself. Belief is not just a thought. It is a quality of vibration.

    And you fall, yet again, into a field of energy, into a dream, into a physical universe, into a time frame, into a family structure that resonates and vibrates with how you have learned to perceive yourself.

    All the while you are yet That One: radiant, perfectly free, using the very power of God to create and believe in a dream of smallness, weakness, separation, and loneliness.

    Right now, as you read these very words - now - that is what you are doing. You are choosing how you will think of yourself. And how you think of yourself is reflected in the world that you see, in the experiences that are manifest within your own particular universe of consciousness.

    If you knew that you were the unlimited One, you would never fear the creation of the golden coins again. You would never believe that you must live in lack.

    But you are still, for the most part, clinging to the belief that you are that small little thought of separation called the egoic mind, still struggling to find God, not recognizing that it is the very power of God's presence from which you create the perception you hold of yourself!

    So, there you are - sitting upon your chair. And you are That One. You are in form; that is, you have created a perception of your self that includes the experience of being a body-mind, which is separate form all other bodies. It is separate form the rock. Obviously, you can look out your window and tell that where the body is that you identify with, is in a different spatial point than every other object.

    That is what this world is! This universe is the attempt to create a reflection that convinces you that the first fearful thought of separation is the truth of who you are!

    In other words, you are using, or have unwittingly been using, your physical universe to constantly reflect to you what must be the truth: that you are separate from all creation.

    This world is nothing but the reflection of that thought.

    Yet, even here, That One pervades all things, and the realization of your Self as That One is closer to you than your own breath -- simply a decision away.


  3. Hey Jesus, you spelled "thought" wrong.
    Any chance of getting some sort of divine status by correcting your mistakes? Thanks.
    One more thing if you get a chance, let me know where GOOG is going to close at the end of the year.

  4. u read the whole the diatribe?

  5. 3rd sentence. innit. ror.
  6. There are no accidents in the universe. So, how do you know I spelled it "wrong" again? Nay, it is very good.

  7. You spelled a word wrong in the following sentence. You've done this before.

    "Leading up to the "Big Bang" there was a though process with intent."

    By the way, do you think your dad will ever let snakes talk again, like he did back in the day? Oh yeah, and what about that GOOG stock I was asking about?
  8. for just a partial explanation of your entire cosmological origins, just read part of it.

  9. Jesus Christ, what does your father say now that you've converted to some sort of New Age Psycho religion?
  10. I said before that there are no accidents. "Wrong" is your interpretation of my spelling.

    I actually don't "dance" for small coins of belief to be tossed my way. If you seek insider trading, find first the Kingdom within regarding GOOG. I believe you can do this.


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