The Beverage Route Business???

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by kitrite, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. kitrite


    I currently work in financial services, make a decent living
    (100K +) and have great benefits. However, Im miserable.
    Ive been looking into buying a route (Snapple, Vitamin Water or possibly Pepsi). Some of these routes are priced at almost $600,000 and require nearly 50% down in cash. Am I crazy???
    Does anyone have any experience with routes? Im curious why so many routes are for sale? Ive met with several owners and seen their financials for the past years....some are pulling in over $200K after all expenses.
  2. ask yourself. why would someone sell a route that netted 200k when he could just hire a driver for 50k and pocket the difference?
  3. Most of the routes require the owner to operate them. Ones that dont rarely go up for sale.

    From what I have read 2x to 3x the net is standard. I am sure its like everything in do your due diligence to make sure you are not getting ripped.
  4. I have a question.

    What makes this new venture so appealing to you ? Is it just about the $ ?
  5. A busy pizza shop makes a lot of money. 10 pizza stores make 10X that money. Just saying that I like pizza too. I'm looking into a Domino's franchise in a college town currently.
  6. Back in the day I ate SO MUCH pizza... that is definitely a profitable venture. Especially if you price lower than the competition.
  7. promagma


    Sounds like a good deal. So your investment pays for itself in 2-3 years ....